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This wiki includes many ideas for literacy instruction and family literacy in all grades K-12. Most of the materials have been authored by Dr. Sharon Pitcher, Professor, Graduate Reading Program, Towson University. There is also a discussion board on the site for teachers to share their ideas, too. Click on space.discussion.home to add comments, ideas, or questions. You also have the option of joining this Wiki so you can follow the discussions and ideas shared. Just click on "Members" to request membership in the Wiki.

Explore this site to find many engaging, motivating instructional ideas for K - 12 students. If you use or download anything from this site, make sure to include Dr. Pitcher's copyright when sharing it with parents.
Teacher_with_Class.jpg This site includes many ideas and materials shared with teachers in reading courses at Towson University and professional devleopment presentations done in Maryland and nationally.
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Explore this site for ideas for using choices of reading materials, authentic homework ideas, engaging websites for literacy instruction, and materials to send home to parents.
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